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Some words about UV technologies


Viruses and bacteria, are microorganisms which are present in our environment. we all know today that COVID 19 (or sars cov2) is a virus.

Viruses and bacteria carry a DNA chain that UVC technology allows to damage, thus stopping their uncontrolled proliferation when it is not wanted.


The UV lamps from Bio-UV Group guarantee you a disinfection over 99.99% in just a few seconds of exposure.

UV lamp for WATER disinfection


We offer a wide range of portable and mobile UV lamps to disinfect all surfaces. 

- to disinfect vehicules, xe offer a lamp that plugs into the cigarette lighter (taxis, ambulances, coaches, buses, etc.)

- for your accessories and tools (glasses, smartphones, remote controls, keys, etc...) the “desinfection box” is the best solution (compact, secure, easy to use)

 - and for your offices and living spaces there are 2 solutions: either portable lamps (electrically connected or on batteries), or the high performance programmable robot


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A UV lamp for fast and efficient hand disinfection? BIO-SCAN Light!




Fast vehicle disinfection? BIO-SCAN Drive!



Need to disinfect objects and accessories? BIO-SCAN Cube!



A UV lamp for total disinfection of spaces and surfaces? BIO-SCAN 3D!



Practical, transportable disinfection on all surfaces? BIO-SCAN Mobile!


UV lamp for SURFACES disinfection

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