We know to clean everything

Our homes are more insulated then ever thanks to double-glazing and central heating. We feel at ease with a temperature of 20 C / 70 F and safe from drafts.

These conditions favor

  • dust mites
  • molds
  • bacteria
  •  ...



Certainly we know how to clean: floors, clothing, sheets...


…Except our mattress !


And yet:

  • We spend on average 30% of our time in bed
  • 44% of allergies are due to dust mites
  • Even dead, a dust mite is allergenic
  • A single bacteria can generate a colony of 8 million bacteria within 24 hours
  • 80% of infectious diseases are carried by our body
  • Allergenic particles (allergenic = dust mites, spores, molds...) are so small that your sheets offer as much protection as a fishing net does against the sand


Our expertise

  • We offer a mechanical action and without the use of chemicals. We intervene directly on your mattress, carpets and tapestry using a robot that destroys and removes dust mites and any kind of indoor pollutant: dander, dust, mold, alluvial fan of dust mites, bacteria’s, bedbugs...
  • Our robot uses technologies from the medical and industrial world and rejects a filtered air.
  • Validated by a medically approved test that we apply in your presence. We guarantee an optimum result for healthy beds.
  • This treatment has no effect on: the shape of your mattress nor it’s comfort.

We also offer:

  • A spray with essential oils to keep healthy bedding
  • Disinfection of any other surface using UV technology
  • High quality covers for: mattrasses, pillow, duvet

Because your well-being is our priority, our range of products and services continues to expand. Our advisors will be able to offer you the best solutions during our recommended bi-annual visits.


Toujours à la pointe pour votre mieux être, notre gamme de services et de produits ne cesse de s'étendre et nos conseillers sauront vous proposer les meilleures solutions lors des visites semestrielles que nous vous préconisons.